Tuesday, 29 November 2011

aku ingin mencintaiMu..

Tuhan betapa aku malu
Atas semua yang Kau beri
Padahal diriku terlalu sering membuatMu kecewa
Entah mungkin karna ku terlena
Sementara Engkau beri aku kesempatan berulang kali
Agar aku kembali
Dalam fitrahku sebagai manusia
Untuk menghambakanMU
Betapa tak ada apa-apanya aku dihadapanMU
Aku ingin mencintaiMU setulusnya,

Sebenar-benar aku cinta
Dalam do`a
Dalam ucapan
Dalam setiap langkahku
Aku ingin mendekatiMU selamanya
Sehina apapun diriku
Kuberharap untuk bertemu denganMU ya Rabbi

Monday, 28 November 2011

dear me..

Here are some motivational birthday notes! ^_^

Turn the challenges you face into opportunities, consider the weaknesses you have as a motivation to improve, and polish your strengths into your uniqueness. May you always make your own best way, as you walk through this journey, called life.
Under and behind and inside, everything you ever take for granted, always remember that something horrible is been growing. Never turn a blind eye towards your responsibilities, and you will always walk on the happy lanes of life. May God bless you with faith and courage.
With every passing day, comes a change. A change alone, however, is not good enough because, a change can be either good or bad. Change is an obligation that comes with life, so always make good change. Since, only a good change is called an improvement, the rest is only an illusion of improvement.
I wish you a very happy birthday, and wish to tell you the secret to success on your special day. People achieve only what they deserve, and deserve only what they achieve. Always remember, your success depends on you and you alone. Enjoy your day dear!
On your Birthday, I wish you a year full of success and glory. With faith, courage and dedication, no dream is too big. Keep up with your efforts, staying oblivious to the results and you will certainly get what you desire. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Salaam Ma'al Hijrah

Assalamu'alaikum dear readers! ^_^

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Hijra year of 1433H.
Hopefully each of us will get the chance to reflect how our past years had gone by and what improvements we could make for the coming years insyaAllah to better ourselves.

Any goals to achieve? Let's do a simple list of them in order to guide us through the year and strive to make it possible. Perhaps we would like to improve our daily amal ibadah to Him through zikrullah and reciting al-qur'an every single day. Also strengthen our bonds with our family and friends, do good to them and spread the love and care to them and other people.

Let's pray together for Allah has given us so many things throughout this beautiful journey of life, as Muslims we've to be grateful for being given the greatest gift or nikmah of all which is eeman and Islam as well as a good life to live on. Let's also pray for Allah to forgive us for our misdeeds and any wrongdoings, and accept whatever little good deeds we do for the sake of Him be it in the past and future.

Indeed, we are nothing in the Hereafter without His acceptance and redha. May this new hijrah year brings better prospects, rizq and all the good things for all of us and the whole Mankind insyaAllah Taala! And should we are beckoned to return to Him, may we return in the best manner possible. Ameen ya Rabb.

Friday, 18 November 2011

hush don't cry


Dear self,
"People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long."
Don’t count tears of weakness as crying, it’s just the water leakage of the eyes... 
But tears that come from someone finally being open after remaining strong for far longer than they were supposed to, those tears are truly TEARS. And those tears should be comforted for in them is not weakness, but unbelievable strength!

Apparently, many people have had this kind of feeling. People went through some difficult times and have tried their best to stay strong and not to surrender and give up hopes. However, at one particular moment, all of a sudden, they can't really control themselves anymore. All the stress, sadness, frustrations, worries etc that have been suppressed for months or years suddenly erupt to the surface in a split second. They can't hold their fort of emotions any longer and so tears burst from their eyes.

In our daily life, we will tend to hide our inner stress and unhappiness in our dealings with other people. So, when we look around, at most we will see many expressionless faces, but we rarely see many sorrowful eyes. Let us remember that some of the people around us may be going through a difficult time at home, or even struggling with enormous stress at work or in their studies. We may not be able to offer them any concrete help, but let us take every opportunity to show a little compassion towards others by throwing them some friendly smiles, saying kind words, or patiently listening to their unhappy stories. That's the least we can do to alleviate their sorrows and hopefully will also cheer up our hearts as well.

Even with very small gestures, we can all help to make the world a slightly warmer place to live for everybody. Love and peace for all! ^_^

"We can do no great things; only small things, with great love and care."
Truly yours..