Thursday, 30 September 2010

Patience is Worship

The Prophet Ayyub (AS) was a rich and prosperous man. In spite of his prosperity he remained a sincere and a humble follower of Allah (SWT). The unbelievers felt that the Prophet Ayyub (AS) was such a faithful follower of Allah (SWT) because of his riches, and if his blessings were taken away, he would not remain as faithful and grateful to Allah (SWT).

To show that they were wrong, Allah (SWT) put him to a test. Within a short period of time, the Prophet Ayyub (AS) became very poor, his children died and his friends left him. His wife also left him and he became very lonely. Worst of all he became very ill, remaining bedridden for 18 years.

The Prophet Ayyub (AS) continued to be a devout follower of Allah (SWT). He never lost patience or became hopeless or angry. He completely trusted Allah (SWT) and believed that Allah (SWT) knew what was best for him. He said: "Truly, distress has seized me, but You are the most Merciful of those that are merciful." (21:83). Allah (SWT) said to him: "Stamp your foot on the ground. Here is water to wash with, it is cool and refreshing. Drink of it too." (38:42)

No sooner did the Prophet Ayyub (AS) take a bath in this water, his illness was cured and he regained his former health and strength. Allah (SWT) rewarded him for his patience and belief, in this world and in the Hereafter. Patience in itself is worship which shall be highly rewarded.


Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Whenever I want to start DOING my homework, especially the part where I've to scan read, skimming and scanning the initial findings for projects or assignments, I can easily get distracted by the surroundings I don't know why. Even just now I wasn't actually read the materials that I'm supposed to read for my project but stuck with other websites for hours and another couple of hours tidying up my room over and over again. Am I too perfectionist or what? Ouch..this is the topic that I want to blog about. Quite sensitive for some and maybe not even been an issue to others.

Yep, sometimes I can be too choosy over small things like the scarf has to be of the same or matching colour of the clothes I'm wearing.
Yep, my clothes are folded nicely and sorted in the wardrobe according to its style.
Yes, I do arrange things accordingly (meaning the spoon must be in the spoon section while the fork in place with other forks and same goes to other things) if I have time even if there are lots of other things to do.
Yes, my lecture notes are filed orderly complete with date written/received.
Yeah, I tend to check every single word when I write.
Yeah, I obviously love the year planner/calendar to simply tick the important events.
Hurray to the finest artwork!
Hurray to the tidiest room/place/house ever! =)

Oh no, am I getting the syndrome of OCD? Is it serious? Somebody help me!! I don't want to be too unease and worry all the time over some petty things.
OK please stop this over-reaction dear me. I admit, all of the above won't happen if I'm so super duper lazy; u know well when all we can do is just sit back and relax and sleep for hours. So I assure myself that this is not OCD or anything alike (hopefully).

I remember there's this one wonderful friend of mine said that I AM a bit perfectionist. Yes, it's good to have some but not too much as it can only hinder me from doing something that is more important. True! Hence, I've to change my habit and do what's more crucial and urgent for example do the homework first before cleaning the whole house that will only take ages to finish then to start the actual work.

Alright now, there you go, let's do the project! Prioritise your workloads people!
ALL THE BEST TO ME! ^_^ u too!

~Miss Imperfect Perfectionista

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The position of women in Islam

Briefly about the women's right in Islam; uncovers the respectability, dignity, purity and favourability that are credited to women, under the guidance of Allah the All-Wise, the All-Knowing. Far from struggling in aggressive campaigns for mere acknowledgement of her existence, the woman in Islam is effortlessly awarded liberties and privileges from her Lord. The carpet of ease and dignity is rolled out under the woman's feet in Islam and she is entrusted with important tasks that beautifully adorn her nature.

The woman is her own "manageress" in Islam; in discharging her responsibilities, she fully enjoys the fringe benefits that her position offers while her independent decisions and duties are accountable to Allah.

Indeed, throughout history, the integrity, chastity and maternal role of Muslim women has attracted admiration from even the most impartial observers. For it is only Islam that covers the woman with the robe of modesty and crowns her with the bonnet of purity, providing her with the unique opportunity to contribute comfortably to society.

What Grace and Mercy the Beneficent showers upon the woman! For every joy experienced and every effort made, willingly and lovingly on the Path of Allah's Pleasure, the woman, just as the man, receives the same good-tidings of the happiness and delights, that are ever-flowing from Allah.

"Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and has faith, verily to him We will give a new life, a life that is good and pure and We will bestow on such, reward according to the best of their actions." (Qur'an 16:97)

(source: UKIM da'wah centre)

Friday, 24 September 2010

me & myself!

salam alaik..
afwan jiddan for not posting anything in this blog for quite some time. thank God i have my partner for this blog!=D jazakillahu khayran katheera to the max ukhti h5!!u'r the best!=) i think my life is getting a bit hectic at the moment. i have study group every week, need to be incharge on the speaker's tour event on the 6th &7th of oct under isoc and most importantly, my upcoming1st mcq on health & disease which is in 2 weeks time.oh no!!!T_T this mcq contributes 20% to my final paper which is a lot and i have yet to revise any of the lecture notes!@_@  ok2, gonna start studying now!

anyway, this post is merely to dedicate a song to my special ukhti h5!^_^ luv u loads my dear!hope u love the song!take care!see ye soon iA!cant wait!!=) <3<3<3

Monday, 20 September 2010

jet lag

According to wikipedia: Jet lag, medically referred to as "desynchronosis," is a physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to circadian rhythms; it is classified as one of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Jet lag results from rapid long-distance transmeridian (east-west or west-east) travel, as on a jet plane. The condition of jet lag may last many days, and recovery rates of 1 day per eastward time zone or 1 day per 1.5 westward time zones are mentioned as fair guidelines.

After a week been in uk, I then experience jet lag; quite a delayed process for me.

Even during lectures I can easily fall asleep especially when the lecturer talk about something that really out of my interest or whenever the room having dim lights for slides presentation, but of course I managed to beat the sleepy me before others even realise it. You ask me how? Simply by doodling whatever comes to mind. You should try it works really!

Since the weather now is so nice; cool and breezy, not much rain, partly cloudy in the morning and then mostly sunny after patchy morning fog (I sound just like the weather forecast!) makes the 'slumberland' more inviting. Plus, with the new comfy cotton bed sheet and the same lovely duvet and pillows make me warm and cosy! ^_^

ok time to get some rest now. I've to get up early tomorrow, it's a must! I really need my beauty sleep now.


wake me up when september ends...

Saturday, 18 September 2010

merdeka after effect

I remember when the journey back to our lovely home sweet home at kb gets a little bit boring; where there's no more radio signals, the CDs have been played over and over again, the road seems to be of the same view, we had enough food and sleep, we will then simply ask some silly questions to each other or make some kind of quiz trivia about anything under the sun, or even do some noises in the car. Obviously we're not allowed to shout or anything like it as this will only distract the driver (most of the time my brother and I being scolded because of this hohohh). So we will only produce those sweet melodies from any kinds of music genre. The most common song would be from Sudirman's "Ho..Ho..Ho..Balik Kampung!" and some raya songs as it was only a few days before the coming Eid. What I will always remember is when my brother and I sang some patriotic songs since we just celebrated our Malaysia's Independence Day few days ago. It started out just fine with the famous songs like Jalur Gemilang, Merdeka etc, we also reminisced our primary and secondary schools' songs. I even remember my kindergarten's song still! ^_^ However, surprisingly when my brother asked me to sing "Negaraku" I wasn't so sure when it came to the last part of the song, and he even makes me more hesitated. He acted like as if I'm wrong. He's truly of no help, so naughty of him! I admit it was my own flaws, I left my country for a year and haven't sang the national anthem for years. Oh my Negaraku!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

sebelum dia pergi

~ Ramadan & Malam 1000 Bulan Kali ini ~

Ramadan datang lagi..

dimulakan dengan niat suci..

inginkan keredhaan dan cinta Ilahi..

membentang harapan yang tersirat di hati..

Ramadan datang lagi..

kesemuanya nampak biasa sekali..

lapar dahaga di siang hari..

tanpa disedari hanya tinggal beberapa hari..

Dan Ramadan kali ini..

juga punyai malam yang dinanti..

meniti hari demi hari..

demi malam seribu bulan kali ini..

Malam seribu bulan kali ini..

cukup aku merasakan tertinggal sesuatu..

rasa kemanisan dan keagungan cintaNya..

aku gagal lagi..

Malam seribu bulan kali ini..

tak pun aku sedari kehadirannya..

namun bila fajar menjelma..

rasa tenang sekali di lubuk hati..

Malam seribu bulan kali ini..

aku terdampar kesakitan..

lemah tak bermaya..

meniti masa lenyapnya kepedihan..

Nyata skali AKU semakin lalai..

mungkinkah AKU tenggelam di lubuk alpa..

terkapai-kapai memerlukan pertolongan..

apa mungkin AKU diselamatkan?

AKU ingin kembali..

demi mencintai dan dicintai..

Saturday, 4 September 2010


andai engkau masih remaja, jadilah anak yg solehah buat kedua ibubapamu,
andai engkau sudah bersuami, jadilah isteri yang meringankan beban suamimu,
andai engkau masih ibu, didiklah anakmu sehingga dia tidak gentar memperjuangkan ad-din ALLAH...

andai engkau belum berkahwin, janganlah kau risau jodohmu,
ingatlah janji tuhan kita, wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik.
Jangan dimulakan sebuah pertemuan dengan lelaki yang bukan muhrimmu,
kerana aku khuatir dari mata jatuh ke hati, maka lahirnya senyuman maka tercetusnya salam sekaligus disusuli dengan pertemuan, takut lahirnya nafsu kejahatan yang menguasai diri...

lelaki yang baik tidak melihat pada paras rupa,
lelaki yang soleh tidak memilih wanita melalui keayuannya,
lelaki yang warak tidak menilai wanita melalui kemanjaannya serta kemampuannya mengoncang iman lelaki,
tetapi, lelaki yang baik akan menilai wanita melalui akhlaknya, peribadinya, dan yang paling penting pegangan agamanya.
Lelaki yang baik juga tidak menginginkan pertemuan dengan wanita yang bukan muhrimnya, kerana dia takut memberi kesempatan kepada syaitan untuk mengodanya.
Lelaki yang warak juga, tidak mahu bermain cinta kerana dia tahu apa matlamat dalam sebuah pertemuan lelaki dan wanita, yakni sebuah perkahwinan.

Oleh itu
jagalah pandanganmu,
awasilah auratmu,
peliharalah akhlakmu,
kuatkan pendirianmu.

Andai ditakdirkan tiada cinta daripada adam untukmu, cukuplah hanya cinta ALLAH,
yang memenuhi dan menyinari kekosongan jiwamu,
biarlah hanya cinta daripada kedua ibu bapamu yang memberi hangatan kebahagiaan buat dirimu,
cukuplah sekadar cinta adik beradik,
serta keluarga yang membahagiakan dirimu.

cintailah ALLAH di kala susah dan senang kerana kau akan memperolehi cinta daripada insan yang juga menyintai ALLAH.
Cintailah kedua ibu bapamu kerana kau akan perolehi keredhaan ALLAH,
cintailah keluargamu kerana kau tidak akan jumpa cinta yang bahagia selain daripada cinta keluarga.
Janganlah sesekali tangan yang mengoncangkan dunia, juga mengoncangkan iman lelaki..


source: unknown

Sesungguhnya wanita solehah itu adalah perhiasan dunia terindah! ^_^

Friday, 3 September 2010

Tolong beritahu dia...

Tolong sampaikan pada si dia…

Tolong beritahu si dia aku ada pesanan buatnya..
Tolong beritahu si dia, cinta agung adalah cintaNya..
Tolong beritahu si dia, cinta manusia bakal membuatnya alpa..

Tolong nasihati sia dia, jangan menyintaiku lebih dari dia menyintai Yang Maha Esa..
Tolong nasihati si dia, jangan mengingatiku lebih dari dia mengingati Yang Maha Kuasa..
Tolong nasihati si dia, jangan mendoakanku lebih dari dia mendoakan ibu bapanya..

Tolong katakan pada si dia, dahulukan Allah kerana di situ ada syurga..
Tolong katakan pada si dia, dahulukan ibu bapanya kerana di telapak itu syurganya..

Tolong ingatkan si dia, aku terpikat kerana imannya bukan rupa..
Tolong ingatkan si dia, aku lebih cintakan zuhudnya bukan harta..
Tolong ingatkan si dia, aku kasihinya kerana santunnya..

Tolong tegur si dia, bila dia mula mengagungkan cinta manusia..
Tolong tegur si dia, bila dia tenggelam dalam angan-angannya. .
Tolong tegur si dia, andai nafsu mengawal fikirannya..

Tolong sedarkan si dia. Aku milik Yang Maha Esa..
Tolong sedarkan si dia. Aku masih milik keluarga..
Tolong sedarkan si dia, tanggungjawabnya besar kepada keluarganya. .

Tolong sabarkan si dia, usah ucap cinta di kala cita-cita belum terlaksana..
Tolong sabarkan si dia, andai diri ini enggan dirapati kerana menjaga batasan cinta..
Tolong sabarkan si dia, bila jarak menjadi penyebab bertambah rindunya..

Tolong pesan padanya. Aku tidak mahu menjadi fitnah besar kepadanya..
Tolong pesan padanya. Aku tak mahu menjadi punca kegagalannya. .
Tolong pesan padanya, aku membiarkan Yang Esa menjaga dirinya..

Tolong khabarkan pada si dia. Aku tidak mahu melekakan dia..
Tolong khabarkan pada si dia. Aku mahu dia berjaya dalam impian dan cita-citanya. .
Tolong khabarkan pada si dia, jadilah penyokong dalam kejayaanku..

Tolong sampaikan pada si dia. Aku mendambakan cinta suci yang terjaga..
Tolong sampaikan pada si dia, cinta kerana Allah tidak ternilai harganya..
Tolong sampaikan pada si dia, hubungan ini terjaga selagi dia menjaga hubungan dengan Yang Maha Kuasa..
Tolong sampaikan kepada si dia kerana aku tidak mampu memberitahunya sendiri...

Hanya engkau Ya Allah mengetahui siapa si dia..
Moga pesananku sampai padanya walau aku sendiri tidak mengetahui siapa dan di mana si dia..
Moga dia tetap teguh dalam mujahadah cintanya..
menjadi pengemis cinta Ilahi..
perindu syahid abadi...

Simpanlah pesananku ini sehingga engkau bertemu diriku suatu hari nanti...

source: unknown

"Sandarkanlah cinta kepada Allah...pasti tidak kecewa kerna pasti ada balasan...Dan ingatlah sesungguhnya matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara..."