Sunday, 31 October 2010

no word is worthy-sami yusuf

salam alaik..

it feels like ages since i last updated this blog. All along is only h5 taking care of it. gud job h5!=) u've been very kind! jazzakillah khayran katheera to the max ukhtee!

i've been very busy with stuff until i had no time to write anything in this blog. ohooo..soorrry! anyway, i would love to share this song will all of ye!juz letting ye know that he sings a bit of malay between 3.36-4.03minute. listen to this song and i'm sure ye'll love it as much as i do!^_^

btw, i have a big exam coming up this friday!oh nooo=S pliz do make dua for me!till nex time, take care everyone!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Kekasih-Kekasih Dambaanku

By Si Pengemis Iman

Wahai pemilik cintaku
Aku ingin mencintai-Mu
Aku ingin menjadi kekasih-Mu
Aku rindu untuk bertemu dengan-Mu
Aku dambakan redha-Mu

Namun.. siapalah aku?
Apakah aku mampu?
Apakah aku layak?
Sesungguhnya aku malu
Aku malu kerana sering meminta
Aku malu kerana sering memohon
Aku malu kerana sering merayu
Sedangkan aku sering melupakan-Mu
Aku sering lalai dan leka melaksanakan perintah-Mu
Aku sering lupa dan alpa melakukan suruhan-Mu
Maka..layakkah aku mendapat cinta-Mu?

Wahai kekasih Allah
Aku rindu untuk berjumpa denganmu
Aku rindu untuk menatap wajahmu
Aku rindu untuk mendengar suaramu
Walaupun aku tidak pernah melihat wajahmu

Aku tahu..
Kami tahu..

Kau sangat mencintai kami.. umatmu
Kau menyayangi kami
Kau merindui kami
Tetapi..layakkah kami menerima cintamu?
Layakkah kami menerima kasih dan rindumu?
Sedangkan kami sering melupakanmu
Kami sering mengabaikan sunnahmu
Kami sering lupa untuk menyebut namamu
Dan kau pula tidak pernah melupakan kami
Sehinggalah ke saat-saat kewafatanmu
Maka..layakkah kami menerima cintamu?

Wahai bakal pendamping hidupku...

Aku ingin mencintamu kerana Allah
Aku ingin menyayangimu kerana Allah
Dan aku ingin merinduimu juga kerana Allah

Aku ingin kau seorang pemuda yang soleh
Kerana aku mengharapkan bimbingan dan tunjuk ajarmu
Aku ingin kau seorang yang merindui syahid di jalan-Nya
Kerana aku ingin menjadi bidadarimu di syurga
Aku tidak memerlukan rupa dan hartamu
Cukuplah hanya agama dan akhlakmu yang indah
Dan aku ingin kau mencintaiku kerana kau mencintai-Nya

Aku ingin menjadi pendampingmu berjuang di jalan Allah
Aku ingin menjadi tulang rusuk kiri yang teguh buatmu
Aku ingin menjadi srikandi yang sentiasa berada di sisimu
Namun..adakah aku layak mendapat cinta insan sepertimu?
Sedangkan aku tidak punya apa-apa
Aku hanyalah gadis biasa
Yang sarat dengan khilaf dan dosa
Mahukah kau mencintaiku?

Friday, 22 October 2010

Go forward young muslims!

Go forward young Muslims,
wherever you are
In the shadow of the sun
or by the light of a star
Your supreme protector is Almighty Allah
Go forward young Muslims,
wherever you are

Go forward young Muslims,
whoever you are
Press forward and forward
to the light of Allah
And repeat and repeat,
al-Hamdu li 'Llah
Go forward and forward,
whoever you are

Go forward young Muslims,
say bismi 'Llah
Together we shall stand
for the pleasure of Allah
He'll forgive us all, say insha'a 'Llah
Go forward young Muslims,
al-Hamdu li 'Llah

Go forward young Muslims,
wherever you are
Go forward young Muslims,
al-Hamdu li 'Llah

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


at 2010 (8.10pm UK time) on 20th Oct 2010...

Another interesting date! ^_^

Just want to share a reminder that has inspired me today during sister's halaqah insyaAllah. Here goes...

An authentic Hadith related by Al-Bukhari mentions that a small group of Jews came to the Prophet and deliberately twisted their tongues so as to pronounce the greeting word, "salam" (which means peace) as "saam" (which means death). Aishah, the Prophet’s wife who was present at the time, says: "I understood what they said and replied, ‘death and curses be to you’." The Prophet said to her: "Take it easy, Aishah. God loves care to be shown in all dealings." Aishah said: "Messenger of God! Have you not heard what they said?" He answered: "Yes, and I only said in reply, ‘And to you’."

Another authentic Hadith also reported by Aishah quotes the Prophet as saying:

"God is caring and loves those who are caring. Indeed, He gives for care rewards that He does not give for violence." (Related by Muslim).

Abu Al-Dardaa’ quotes the Prophet as saying:

"Whoever is given a share of caring has been given his share of goodness, and whoever is uncaring has been deprived of a share of goodness." (Related by al-Tirmitzi)

Caring, as it relates to kindness in education and upbringing, is a highly important Islamic principle that is not confined to the relationship between adults and the children in their care. Indeed it permeates all areas so as to include kindness to all people. Our beloved Prophet himself, the supreme educator, has shown us numerous examples of care, kindness and gentility. His behavior and his education were characterized by pure care and kindness in all situations. In this way, he was able to bring about the first generation of Muslims, whose men and women presented the light and guidance of Islam to the whole world subhanallah walhamdulillah Allahuakbar!

But the reality now is...

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ~Leo F.B.

So, let's be a caring person, shall we?

Sunday, 10 October 2010


a very interesting 'date' today! ^_^

and of course a lot of things happen around the world; mother gave birth to a child, someone's birthday, couples get married, somebody's great historical day etc. there are also some unfortunate events happen around. we hope for the best and always pray to Him ask for our own safety as well as others'. i had some events occurred on this particular day which are...

we just finished with our programme; the freshers' camp went smoothly alhamdulillah.

i felt so motivated after the talk, insyaAllah will improve myself always.

i've to carry out a new responsiblity starting today.

i'd made an important decision which will affect my life later on; may Allah help me and give me the strength to live life as it comes insyaAllah.

oh the 'best' part is...
i had a real deep cut that i cried a lot like a baby.
and i've still to work on for my presentation this coming tuesday, all the best to me!

and luckily for me...
i had planned for my weekend getaway to galway ~ wait for me ya catarina_ross! =)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Action, that's all we need!

What you do is more significant than what you say, as the saying goes 'action speaks louder than words' which literally means that our actions communicate faster and much clearer than our own words. If you want people to believe your words, you should "speak" with your actions. So please don't just tell me how to do things; show me!

Here's some motivating words to keep us going.

Trust your heart
believe in yourself
don't be afraid
to reach out
to something new.

Go ahead
get your hopes up
even if things turns out
so differently
than you have imagined.

You will have tried,
you will have learned,
you'll never have to live with regrets.

It seems to me
what wears us down
the most in life
aren't the chances we take
but the ones we don't take,
the dreams we put aside,
the adventure we push away.

So what ever you want in life
just go for it!
grab while you can!
and always remember
no matter what
just trust your heart.

God's blessing may come
as a surprise
and how much you receive
depends on how much
your heart can believe.

May you be blessed beyond what you expect.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

nice and sweet

If I meet someone (apart from my usual friends) that is so sweet and very nice towards me and others, immediately it makes my heart melt and feeling warm inside my soul. Nowadays, only few people that are genuinely nice and sweet that you can't really find them anywhere you go, they are rare species (or even worse headed to extinction!). I'm not trying to be judgemental towards others, but that's the reality that we have now in this truly unpredictable world. Certain people can be so dangerous and harmful making the world unsafe anymore, those robbers or burglars or mafias whatever they call them are everywhere eyeing for their targets. As part of the society, I feel alarmed to these kind of situations where many unfortunate events happen these days to anyone that is definitely the innocent people; people being murdered after being robbed or worse being raped or being bullied etc. Insults, hatred, disgusting behaviour, annoyance, and any bad habits alike will only destruct oneself and others.

Alright, enough with some random rant, let's talk about more positive things shall we? As the title of the post suggest 'nice and sweet' so I would really love to share with all of you some experiences whenever I encounter those kind of people. For instance, today I met this one lady wearing a hijab that seems pretty and nice to me, she smiled and greeted me salaam when I passed by her eventhough I didn't know her and to the fact that she was in a hurry. Ok maybe that's just her normal way of greeting other muslims, fair enough. But still that is considered nice and sweet to me! Next, I have this one really nice and caring friend that she always ask me; how's my study and life goes and will offer some help whenever I meet her. Oh there's another one from Saudi, my partner during our Snowdonia trip, she always dress in her black abaya with her niqab on but I can tell how she will smile beautifully for me whenever we met; I really admire her courage and determination towards helping others. Ah yess, the ones from Kenya also nice and sweet as they came from developing country same as I do so we share the same common wavelengths. And I also have one friendly colleague that she will never let me feel aloof and she's quite talkative in a nice way. There are a few local people that are so nice and sweet, I believe they are still doing good somewhere but I only meet them once in a blue moon as we're not living or study together hence separated. And of course last but not least, I have all my friends, family and relatives that are nice and sweet! Wow I guess I'm surrounded by nice and sweet people then alhamdulillah! subhanallah! ^_^

I really want to be nice and sweet to others as well so that I would have more nice and sweet people around me since I do believe in 'what goes around comes around' even if it's not hundred percent true, still the outcome is almost true as kindness is like a boomerang, always returns. Just like when you befriend with others, the basic is - Don't wait for people to be friendly, show them how.

Please do be nice to me and others if you can't afford to be sweet. Sweet perhaps another degree of being so nice towards others. But not in the sense of letting somebody controlled over your life for being so nice. For example, if you can take care about others than that's nice but it'll be sweeter if you could offer some help or advice if needed. Thus, treat others nicely and make sure you have that sweet appearance and positive attitude: Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are. Be nice and sweet dear me! ^_^

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.

With yourself, I think you have to decide the kind of person that you really want to be,
and for me, it's just a nice and sweet girl. ^_^

Monday, 4 October 2010

please leave me

An award-winning story of a man and a digital camera. You might want to get a hanky ready.

Lesson: Never miss an opportunity to make others happy,

even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it.

‎"If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours.

And if they don't, they never were." -Kahlil Gibran.

obviously i'm not in a good mood...

“Part of me is afraid to get close to people because I'm afraid that they're going to leave.” ~Marilyn Manson

Sunday, 3 October 2010


One of the basic teachings and concepts in Buddhism and quite possibly the most well known is karma, whereby our actions or thoughts, be they positive or negative, have a direct effect on our lives and so negative thoughts can affect everyday things that we might not even consider.

Before we can help others, we have to help ourselves to be happy and mindful. To be happy, we have to be in charge of our own mind. We can see many young people all around the world today but they are not achieving their goal as yet. If one wants to be a lifeguard, he must learn how to swim and save other people because if he don't know that then he don't jump in the ocean or he will get drowned together. Hence, we ourselves must be physically and mentally strong enough to help others go through from their miserable life to the straight path. This may take years, simply said it is quite a tough job to do yet not impossible! Motivation is crucial because through it we become clear strong and positive so that we can help other people.

I would really love to see all the young people to live more meaningfully and become wiser and more thoughtful human beings. Engaging in everything that we think and say and do and if this happens everybody is going to benefit. If we follow the same old path there will be no future. For when we grow older who will look after us eventually? After all it is only a matter of time before all of us get old. We should respect our parents and learn to love them every single day. Also, never follow the path of greediness and don't try to cheat nor lie at the expense of other people. If we kick somebody, surely somebody is going to kick us too. We are the future generation, we are responsible for the environment, for each other, we are the future together we can change the world!

"Lots of people have greedy minds: the minute that we get what we want, we lose appreciation for be happy, you have to be in charge of your own mind."

(edited from the interview with Lama Rinpoche during his visit to Cardiff)