Thursday, 4 February 2010

Hubb fillah

Hubb = cinta? kaseh? sayang? rindu?
What do you think??

for me as simple as L.O.V.E. (in my very own version) ;P
L is for lavish
O is for only
V is for valuable
E is for essential

Lavish means to expend or give in great amounts or without limit aka abundance/excessive. If we love so much towards somebody or something, we will do our best to please the person with the 'lavish of affection' while 'lavish of his/her time' for the favourite activity that she/he love. The same scenario applies if we truly love Allah, we will do whatever He asked us to do and without any doubt, obey Him in order to please Him.

Only here means solely and exclusively. So love will be a unique kind of feeling that cannot be described by few words and is specifically for the ones that we love. Allah, Rasul, Parents, Family, friends etc only will know how much we love and care for them.

Valuable, of course! Nothing compared to Allah's love towards us, He gave us everything in this whole universe; just look around yourself, water for living, oxygen to breathe, all kinds of sources of food, and so many more and the best thing is safety in dunia wal akhirat insyaAllah. Not to mention the love that we share among us muslims, priceless! =)

Essential in life, yes it is! Without love we are nobody. Without love we would have the tendency to be heartless and inhumane towards others. Even animals can show their affection towards their own offsprings especially the mammals. Believe it or not, with love we can create a more peaceful world insyaAllah!

And...the best of all love is the grand act of Loving for the sake of Allah = Hubb fillah! (of course it must be in a halal way eg marriage, among the muhrims and sahabah of the same gender)

This what's all about, we should love anybody or anything because of Him not because the person is so beautiful/handsome and sweet/nice or the activity that we love to do is so interesting and the 'in-thing' but all must be due to Allah.

One hadith says,
" Allah shall ask on the Day of Judgement, ' Where are those who loved for the
sake of my Greatness? Today when there is no shade save Mine, I shall have them
in My Shade.'" (Sahih Muslim: Kitab al Birr wa al Silah)

What a great love, that raises a man to a position where Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) loves him and is pleased with him! Let's celebrate the love for the sake of Allah insyaAllah!

Salaam Ukhuwwah fillah dedicated to catarina and all my beautiful friends! ^_^

So, what's your LOVE means to you?

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