Wednesday, 9 February 2011

home is where my heart is

UK is probably a wonderful place to visit and live in but living here obviously requires a great deal of understanding about its various locations, streets, and their regional importance. Indeed finding a suitable place to live in which resembles almost like 'home' that I will always miss deep down inside my heart, is quite daunting. The property rates and rents might be higher in certain areas so the property value depends on the importance of the locality really and will vary hugely from one location to another. A proper research of the property market, its trends and different rents in different localities need to be looked upon before going for the property for rent while selecting the suitable ones matching the budget. Why is it so difficult to find a house then?? (of course laa klu nk yg cantik n murah je mmg susah nk dpt cik kak oi) hohoohh but for me, as simple as..because there's no place like home! ^_^

ohh I so miss my lovely home...

let me go home~

*mode: still looking for a house*

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