Monday, 22 August 2011

ramadhan kareem

A test of endurance
A time of patience
controlling emotions, needs and desires
A mean of appreciation
and give thanks for pleasures
A perfect time to engage in introspection
take a closer look at our feelings, thoughts and actions
Giving up bad habits:
smoking, wasting time, oversleeping
And indulge in good habits:
help the needy and give charity
hold iftar for others
dress appropriately
be considerate
respect those who fast
do good unto others
watch our words
read al-Qur'an
pray and make duaa from Allah
to better ourselves insyaAllah..

Let's soak up the spirit of ramadhan! ^_^

may Allah accept all our tawbahs, duaas, fasting and good deeds insyaAllah...
may He surrounds us with light and happiness, and put light into our hearts and every vessel through our body..ameen.

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  1. What song is playing, it's beautiful?