Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day & Red Roses

Alhamdulillah..i'm so happy today!=)simply because my mom is happy too.yeay! i just sent her a dozen of red roses for mother's day. its quite late but its better late than never rite?=D the idea just popped into my mind last night.i started browsing through a website known as love.com.my which provides services for flower delivery, chocolates as well as cakes. so,i decided to try sending flowers to my mom for the first time considering my sisters havent given her any presents yet!poor mama..and today, when she received the flowers, she was so excited!!she told me she hasnt received any flowers for such a long time!aww...that is so sad!=( ok mama, get ready for flowers every year from now on..hihi..insha Allah i dont mind sending them for u!..^_^

there was a part which is a bit funny. my mom didnt know who was the sender!!!!!!!!haha..its because i just put it as 'from your beautiful kids'!!=D then she started calling my sisters and none of them said they have sent them. My mom became curious and she even thought the florist might have mistakenly sent the flowers to her!mama2!=D luckily later she thought of me!phewww..

oh my dear mama,eventhough i'm living too far away from u and it sounds almost impossible for the flowers to come from ireland!Yet, nowadays everything is possible!^_^ All you need is just a click on the mouse plus the 'credit card' hehe..!=D

here's a picture of the flowers taken by my sister with her new 'mobile phone'..;P

And the card is as big as the A4 paper according to my mom!
dear florist, i want a cute card for my mum, not an A4 paper!=_=

ok, need to stop writing now!will be having my last paper (Drugs & Disease) this thursday!please make dua for me too!=)

by the way, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my dearest mama and to all mothers out there!^_^

p/s-dont forget to make dua for your parents everyday!=) '.."My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up when I was small."..'(Al-Isra':24)



  1. wow sounds interesting! ^_^
    yep happy mother's day to all mothers!
    and all the best to u catarina! =)

  2. thanks dear!!aja aja fighting!!;)