Tuesday, 18 May 2010

seek Him first

in a week's time
25th May 2010

Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim
Ya Rabbi grant me wisdom
give me strength
give me confidence
give me peace and solace
so that I can perform well ameen..
May Allah give me the best result insyaAllah
Wish me all the best! ^_^

"So verily, with the hardship there is relief
Verily, with the hardship there is relief"

~some duaas to ask Allah for help

To increase knowledge:
Rabbi zidnee ilma
O my Lord! Advance/Increase me in knowledge

For orals, vivas, clinical exams, etc:
Rabbishrahlee sadree. Wayassir lee amree. Wahlul 'uqdatan min lisanee. Yafqahoo qawlee.
O my Lord! Expand my chest; Make easy my task for me; And remove the impediment from my speech, So they may understand what I say. (Ta-ha: 25-28)

For protection against the shaytaan and his whisperings:
Rabbi a'ooth
u bika min hamaza
tish shayat
Wa a'ooth
u bika rabbi an yahd
My Lord! I seek refuge in You from the whisperings (suggestions) of the devils. And I seek refuge with You, My Lord! lest they should come near me.
(Al-Mu’minoon: 97-98)

For those who need Allah to ease their difficulties and worries:
asbiya Alla
hu la
ha illa
huwa 'alayhi tawakkaltu wa huwa rabbul 'arshil 'adz
eem (7X)
Allah is sufficient for me: there is no god but He: On Him is my trust,- He the Lord of the Throne (of Glory) Supreme! (At-tawbah: 129)

~We ask Allah to make us succeed in this world and cause us to be among those who are victorious and saved in the Hereafter, for He is the All-Hearing Who answers prayer

insyaAllah ameen..

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