Tuesday, 20 July 2010

flowers are red

My good friend introduced me to an interesting song a little while ago and I fell in love with it. The song tells about a little boy who sees the world from a different point of view. He sees all the colours of the rainbow in an unconventional way while his teacher tries to correct him for this. This happened in a similar fashion to most of us during our schooling years. Frankly, I don't really like being told what to think all the time and the song expresses this well. This great oldy song is originally by Harry Chapin and there's another version of the song sung by Zain Bikha and Dawud Warnsby. I like both versions. Do enjoy listen to the song! ^_^

Here's the animation of the song of Flowers are Red by Harry Chapin.

And here's to another version of the song! Hear the voice of the little boy ~so cute!! ^_^


  1. kurang mengerti di sini. apakah maksud gerangan mbak ya?? hehe