Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fruits of Malaysia

Malaysia is blessed with a large variety of fruits. Most of us enjoy eating these fruits. They range from very sweet ones that make our teeth hurt to very sour ones that make out teeth numb. Whatever our preferences are, we can always find some that we like to tempt the taste buds!

Some fruits are seasonal while some are perennial. The famous durian, which is also known as the 'king of fruits' is a seasonal one. This fruit appears in abundance around the month of May and again around December every year. The popularity of this fruit is undisputed. Many people from all walks of life can be seen surrounding the vendors when the durian is in season. Urmm I had enough of durian for the last few weeks, will crave for it again in the next couple of months.

The average size of a durian is about that of a soccer ball. Its outer skin is hard and spiky. We have to be careful not to be pricked by the many sharp spikes. Inside the durian is a different story really. A good durian contains seeds coated with sweet yummy yellow flesh. The flesh also emits a powerful smell that needs some getting used to. Most locals love the taste and smell. However, visitors to our country usually find the smell unbearable ahha!

Other seasonal fruits are the rambutan, langsat, duku, rambai, mangosteen etc. All of them have their own unique taste and are consumed in large quantities when they are in season. Personally I like the hairy rambutan most.

Off season we have the perennial fruits like the banana, guava, mango, pineapple, papaya, melons etc. In every fruit stall can be found these fruits. The guava and mango are especially my favourites. There are also other exotic fruits like the mata kucing, dragon fruit etc.

All in all I would say that we are very fortunate to live in a land that has so much succulent fruits that we can enjoy to our hearts’ delight. Let's enjoy the amazing tropical fruits! ^_^

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