Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Want VS Need. Which 1 is more important??

Of course the latter is crucial. What we want is not necessary what we need and likewise we often feel that what we need is not what we really want. My dear brothers and sisters, as Muslims, we have to distinguish the priorities in life and make sure we do positive changes in the name of Allah be it in changing our own habits, characteristics and personalities to the way we think and act. Thus, always identify what we need and want to change to better ourselves or in other words we do self-reflections (muhasabah) lillahi ta'ala.

Be the change you want and need!

There are a few tips to change which I'm inspired by the excellent talk by Mufti Ismail Menk during the Fosis Conference 2011 last week.

1) We need to know that every single person has the potential to change. It is our very own nature instinct that leads to positive changes which comes from within and will happen somewhere in life be it now or later.

2) The changes must be based on something solid which will not be affected by any other elements. Say a guy really want to stop smoking, it can't simply because of his girlfriend or parents, but he did it for the sake of Allah.

3) Never lose hope in Allah as He will help His servants who strive to obtain mardhatillah fi dunya wal akhirah (Allah's approval and pleasure in this world and the hereafter). Always pray and ask sincerely from Him, The Almighty.

4) Always have somebody to look upon to aka role models - and of course the best of all mankind would be our beloved Prophet's Muhammad SAW. Role models can be anyone really, those having the great qualities that we also want to instill in ourselves.

5) Never ever underestimate own self. We could never walk properly when we used to be toddlers trying to walk on our own if we don't trust ourselves and believe that we can do like others did. So if we keep on being so negative and pessimist, the desired changes we want and need wouldn't happen.

6) Clear aim and targets. Have long-term and short-term goals in hand. We have to decide on how we're living this life by the will's of Allah - good or bad.

7) Be the people of good characteristics! Don't follow the wrong examples and we must distinguish between the person and their habits - it's the bad habits or mislead actions of the people that we hate, not the people themselves. Train ourselves to be husnuzhon (positive thinking) insyaAllah.

Let's change for the better..don't just cocoon ourselves in our own dark shallow world. Explore life to the fullest, seek knowledge and experiences as much as we can.
May Allah ease us. InsyaAllah ^_^

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