Friday, 17 June 2011


Faith is trust. Faith is hope. Faith is belief.
All in the goodness or trustworthiness of a person, concept or entity.

"Believing in Islam is like believing in the sun rising. Not because we can see it, but because by it, we can see everything."

Allah withheld the gift of faith from some of the closest relatives of His Messengers like Muhammad's uncle, Ibrahim's father, and Noah's son. Yet He blesses us with the most valuable gift ever since our very first breath. and that is Islam! Hence, let us safeguard it and renew our faith all the time, before we meet our Lord sooner or later in the state of the purest soul insyaAllah Taala...

We may not always understand why Allah allows certain things to happen, but we can be certain that Allah is not making any mistakes! For instance, when Allah subjects us to adversity, He is opening our eyes to reality. Allah is allowing us to change our bad habits in order to appreciate life to the fullest, to give us the opportunity to repent for past sins and correct our future actions, eventually to raise our status in the hereafter insyaAllah ameen ya Rabb.

May He always guide us and give us strength to go on with life and be blessed by Allah.


  1. JESUS is GOD whether you believe it or not.. and you WILL stand before the Judgement seat of God and give an answer as to why you did not worship Him but chased after false god. It is BLASPHEMY that you claim JESUS CHRIST (the LORD of all) was only a prophet. You have been warned, your blood will not be required at my hand. God will not show you mercy. repent and turn back to Jesus Christ.

  2. my friend, Jesus and Mohammad was both prophets.. they are not the parts of Allah to begin with. If Jesus was God then why would He needed to be birth on earth.. to show he is not god? :S
    and on the other hand, Mohammad never claim himself as a GOD, even he has more than billion followers now. why? Think over it.. He say to worship Allah. not Him nor Jesus. that's why I believe in Him.. Jesus never claimed himself to be a GOD in Quran. He was blessed by miracles as like Mohammad and other Prophets like moses, David, Abraham.. Turn yourself to Allah before its too late.. I love Christ myself.. may be more than you but do not worship him.. because Bible was a holy book, as mentioned in Quran but was re-edited by some filthy people..