Saturday, 2 July 2011

be strong with all your heart!

Truly, we can never learn to be strong but we can decide to be strong! And staying strong is another chapter that must be decided too. Some can be physically strong yet still be weak in the absolute sense. Generally, human is weak except when one has decided to be strong and then be it! It may take a while to be strong and it's harder than we may think but it's not impossible.

Whatever you want to achieve you can achieve - if you made up your mind very clearly and if you are sure YOU want to achieve a particular goal. It is not too late to change your inner attitude at any point of your life. Always remember that Allah loves Muslims which are stronger in the sense of their inner-self. May Allah ease us insyaAllah.

Be strong against all odds of life!
Be strong against the devils to fulfill our tasks as a believer!
Be strong in facing any obstacles brought up against us!
Be strong to withstand all pressures!
Be strong against all powerful negative forces we may encounter!

So dear me, be strong girl! ^_^
please stop playing weak to attract pity.

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