Saturday, 28 November 2009


i just have to announce this anywhere and i believe this is the right place to do it...ok2...attention everyone!!!hehe..=) today, the 28th of november marks a very meaningful day of someone's life....and that special person everdearest h5!huhu...Sanah Helwa ya Jamilah!!;) are now grown up girl!!welcome to the club of ...!!!hihi..lets just keep it as a secret!!*wink* anyway h5, need to remember that birthday is actually a tazkirah from Allah reminding us of how little time we have left on this earth. we shall all return to Him when the time comes and therefore, let us struggle for His Sake while we still can..insha Allah! May we be among those people who are blessed by Allah in each time of our lives. Have a wonderful birthday my dear!! with lotsa love,
catarina --<@

p/s-my housemate aka the one who picked up your call this morning also wishes you happy birthday!;) i tried to upload a birthday song for you but it wasnt supported by, just imagine me singing a sweet birthday song to you with my beautiful voice!!=P

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