Sunday, 7 March 2010

Personal Daily Checklist

Do you have your own daily things-to-do? or perhaps a weekly or even monthly things-to-do? Anyway, I came across with this interesting so-called daily checklist fridge magnet at the Islamic Relief shop the other day. I guess it would do no harm to share it here with all of you. Here goes the list!

✔ I recited a portion of the Qur'an
✔ I increased my knowledge
✔ I spent some time to reflect
✔ I prayed on time and made supplication
✔ I accounted for my actions
✔ I gave in charity
✔ I purified my heart in remembrance of my Lord
✔ I did some exercise and ate healthily
✔ I took some time to relax
✔ I recycled
✔ I benefited others with my time and words
✔ I was kind to others

urmm quite a mouthful of list but it's good to have them in mind always and adapt them in our daily life. May Allah help us to be better muslim insyaAllah.

Dua/supplication for security in the morning and evening:
(I begin the day/night) in the name of Allah (The Almighty) by whose name
nothing on earth and heaven can cause harm. He is All Hearing, All Knowing.

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