Tuesday, 20 April 2010

save me

at times...
i hesitate in doing things
i hesitate in making decision
i hesitate in choosing what's best
i hesitate in having responsibility
i hesitate in replying messages

sorry to anyone
for being in my 'moment of hesitation'
i didnt mean to
but i couldnt resist to

i know i shouldnt have done it
i know i could be way better
i know i have to change
i know i am a bit weird (or should i say unique)
i know i wouldnt want to be called as a hesitant
never ever i would want that!

ergo i need to improve myself
i must be more determined
i must be more decisive
i must be more firm
i must be more confident
i must be more of my ownself!!

O Allah please help me...please guide me...
I hesitate to articulate for fear that I may deviate from the true course of rectitude...

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