Thursday, 5 August 2010


I wish I were 5 again!

It's truly wonderful to be in kids' world. No worry and no hassle. So carefree and full of fun and imaginations. Being a part-time babysitter has made me realised quite a lot of
interesting stuff. The thing I love best when babysitting is that we can really interact with the child and they look up to us and aren’t frightened of us at all and that’s what it should be like! And the most important thing that I've learned from kids is; do whatever it takes to achieve for something! ^_^

I have been babysitting my nieces and nephew for the past few weeks when their parents go to work. I've to take care of their needs and essentials as well as their demanding desires. Yes, it's demanding! Not just for the sake of wanting something, they can even make you sick at times in order to get anything they want. Trust me they can annoy you by simply giving orders to you or sort of guide you according to their desires. I certainly agree that cuteness is synonymous to a child but when you know the downsides of being too involved with kids you'll get the idea of how bossy they can be or even how irritating they can be. Ahha..experience it for yourself! =P

It may sounds as if I don't really like children but the truth is no I'm not. Of course I do love children for God's sake! Why wouldn't I love such adorable and cute little children? Beautiful babies are move lovable and huggable. Don't get me wrong - I love them all with all my heart! O my sweet little pumpkin nephew and cutie pie nieces. All of them have their own unique characters but one thing for sure they shared the same common need; LOVE!

They just need some care and attention from adults especially from the parents and the rest of the family as they are growing day by day to become useful person later in life. Plus, it's the crucial time for them to gain vast experience as they are getting bigger and wiser. So, we've to nurture them with the right amount of love and care while providing them a conducive learning environment and adequate spaces to explore the world themselves confidently and wisely. Hence, we've to develop our own style of good parenting skills.

I find the excerpt below useful to add into the list of necessary parenting skills.

The best way to teach children is by example, and how you, act yourself around others and how you treat others. Are you patient and understanding? Do you overlook others' faults? When you are upset, do you curse? do you easily get upset? If yes, how do you deal with yourself if you're angry? Do you throw a fit? Do you whine? Do you jump up and down and pull out your hair or tug at your hijab ends? Does steam come out of your ears? Does flames come out of your mouth? Does your nostrils flare?

Besides most kids that misbehave are doing it for attention. Some are just doing it for fun but main case is they crave ATTENTION. Unfortunately, parents sometimes give into their demands easily.

All this depends on you, and how you act around your child. Your child is a mirror of you and despite our intentions the kids usually end up picking up all our bad habits before our good. So whenever we're talking down on the kids, we must realize this is OUR bad faults and they're just imitating it and we should remain positive to get them to pick up our good deeds.

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