Thursday, 10 September 2009

Talking to Young Muslims


Ask About Islam series:
Talking To Young Muslims
by Idris Tawfiq

A simple-and-easy-to-understand book by a British Muslim writer who engaged the young Muslims about Life an its challenges as well as about how to live as Muslims in a world with so many distractions. The contents include about being young and Muslim, first day experience at university, answers to the questions from Muslim youth all over the world etc.

An extract from the book that was really interesting to ponder:

Being a Muslim is great. But one thing I must say is that people who converted
to Islam are more honest, dedicated, devoted, literate, compassionate, faithful,
caring than like us who are born in Muslim families or have taken for granted
Islam as a religion. We don't know its true spirit. We do pray 5 times a
day but we're dishonest in our daily lives. What is your opinion?

Do read it whenever possible! ~smile~

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