Monday, 21 September 2009

Eid songs dedication!!!

salam wbt..
sorry for not updating this blog lately. i was a bit busy with Eid preparation. we had a grand open house this year!! =) it happened that we still have lots of work to be done that we end up being awake for the whole night before raya. it took ages for us to finish cooking. and i'm glad its over now!! =D we successfully made rendang, lodeh, kuah kacang as well as my first trial cheese brownies. it was finger licking good!so happy that my brownies was finished when the open house was over. anyway, Eid Mubarak to everyone!!hope you had a great one too!!=D by the way, i wish to dedicate a few songs to my dearest h5!Eid Mubarak to you h5!!sorry for all my mistakes!!may our ukhuwah last till paradise..inysaAllah!ukhuwah fillah ukhti!love you so much!!enjoy the song!!=)


-suasana hari raya-

-dari jauh ku pohon maaf-

-menjelang hari raya-


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