Thursday, 24 September 2009

a love letter

Ever wonder how would a love letter affects you? Especially when it's written by a person that you really love; your spouse (if married), parents, siblings, family, friends etc. I believe that I had millions of them including the small encouraging notes, emails in my yahoo mailbox, good luck wishes, special notes written in the birthday cards etc (I considered them as love letters as well..hehehh). When it comes to this kind of letter I would be deeply fall in love with the soothing and beautiful words and I'm really appreciate it. Somehow the letter will affect your mood and mind at that perticular time or whenever you read it. And most of it will be the positive tones, either you're feeling happy, encouraged, blessed. Thanks to all the people around me who always shower me with love and care, what else should I ask from Allah except for their safety and health now and always insyaAllah..May Allah bless all of you!

This is an extract of one of the love letters that I received. I'm so touched!

Salam wbt duhai sahabatku yg kukasihi krn Allah..

Engkau tabahkanlah hatimu menghadapi ujian dr Allah..sungguh Allah itu Maha Adil pada hamba-hambaNya..kuatkanlah kakimu melangkah menghadapi hari-hari mendatang.. insyaAllah setiap langkahanmu diperhitung oleh Allah sebagai titis-titis kesabaran bagi mencapai ketaqwaan kepadaNya.

Wahai sahabat,
Sungguh diriku sangat menyayangimu!
pa jua keputusan yang diambil insyaAllah akan kusokong sepenuhnya.

Usah dikesali akan apa yang telah berlaku kerana Allah tidak akan pernah menginginkan kesusahan buatmu. Namun itulah yang terbaik yang datang dari Allah. Ketahuilah bahawa Allah teramat sangat mengasihimu duhai sahabat!

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