Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Cinta di Rumah Hasan Al-Banna


Cinta di Rumah Hasan Al Banna
by M. Lili Nur Aulia

I bet most of us know who is Hasan Al Banna: a well known muslim scholar who lived in the first half of the twentieth century in Egypt and the founder cum the first leader of ikhwanul muslimin (IM) or as known as muslim brotherhood.

Written by an Indonesian young writer, the book reveals a glimpse of Hasan al Banna's life in the eyes of his children since there aren't many books discussing about the life of Hasan al Banna with his own family especially related to his parenting skills; the way he interact with his children, how he educate each one of them, how to nurture love and care for them, how to create the harmony environment in the family etc. Even he is the leader of the great organisation of IM, he was able to allocate time for his family. He has been a good qudwah for his children.

It's truly a good book for all! Recommended to the parents-to-be especially those dads-to-be!
Do appreciate the lessons from the book and have fun reading it! ^_^

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