Monday, 18 January 2010

a year nearer to death!

alhamdulillah...17th jan 2010 marked the beginning of my life as a 22-year-old girl. praises to Allah for all His blessings, care & love which never stops pouring on me!i received so many wishes from my friends through sms (emma,k.bibah,k.hanis,k.ritz,syafa,h5,anas, mama, hopefully i dont miss anyone),facebook, skype, ym , blog (tqah) and email. they are all my college friends, schoolmates, families, housemates, friends of friends & not to forget my wonderful usrahmates and murabbi. jazakallahu khayran kathira everyone for the remembrance. all ur wishes truly made my day!=) oh yes, i did get an early wish from my dearest forever friend when we met up in aberdeen. she gave me a beautiful birthday card and a gift in it. cant wait to use the card u gave me!hehe..;p i also got a slice of cake bought by Miss Diana & Miss Baitil when we were in turkey for winter holiday!rarely can u get a cake made in turki especially when it is strawberry cheese cake..hee..yummy2!!=D(diana bought this cake coz she thinks i like strawberry cheese cake..well, i guess i like almost all cakes in this world!!so, dont worry diana!u bought the right cake!hehe..=) tq!!

In the early morning of my birthday i was fed with lontong by my housemate, iffah!it was superb!she made it just for me! sweet!!iffah is a very good cook!she can cook almost everything and everything tastes simply delicious.seriously,if anyone is looking for a wife, she is totally the perfect one.u can take my word!hehe..(sory iffah, promote cket)=D as for today (18th jan), my good friend antonia treated me with chocolate muffin and hot chocolate for lunch. very nice of u antonia!!arigatogaozaimas!!it was fun to have a chat with u again after the long break!lots of things to catch up with ye!!=D and for dinner, iza, also one of my housemates, baked a chocolate cake(an instant one =P...but who long as it tastes nice and she made it because of me!:D yeay!!i got one big cake for my birthday!!

just now i received a wish from eton, my best friend from school via farisian yahoo group. here is the amazing picture she has for me.

cute isnt it??jzkk eton!!i really love this!!=)

and birthday wishes from dayah, nabila & h5 too. u gurls are so nice! h5 made a pantun for me!!thumbs up h5!!it does rhymes well!

Assalamu'alaikum pembuka bicara
buat saudari nasuha di sana
moga selalu riang gumbira
di hari lahir yang penuh bermakna

Tetiba teringat memori suka duka
tika saat kita bersama-sama
hajat di hati ingin bertemu muka
namun dikau nun jauh di sana

Walau lautan memisahkan kita
antara dua negara bedanya
takkan kulupa nasuha yang jelita
kau tetap di hatiku selamanya ^_^

huhu..terharu & terharu & terharu!!!all that i could say now!T_T tq so much everyone!!i feel like i'm the luckiest person on this earth to have such beautiful friends around me, who cares and loves me till now. i pray that all of u are in the best of everything and may Allah shower all of u with His blessings each day! all of u so much because of Allah!!=) take care my beloved friends!

birthday gurl!=)

p/s-a year older, a year wiser & a year nearer to death!have to muhasabah myself!


  1. u r most welcome dear!friends forever...

  2. salam,

    ha..tirah ni,

    selamat hari lahir,meskipun telah lama berlalu..

    ingat trah lagi x?

    jemputlah ziarah ke blog.
    nnti add la trah kat yahoo grup faris tu,x ade lagi dalam tu..

    salam ukhwahfillah.