Monday, 21 June 2010

be an original!

I know the title sounds so lame but really can't help it. I've been sort of 'scolded' by someone for not preserving the authenticity of this blog. ahhaa! guess who?!

Oh well, I just don't feel like writing my own words at times as there are thousands and billions of wonderful arrangement of words out there that are easily available. And of course I would have quoted the source if I took the exact copy of the piece. Most of the time I would only take some excerpts from any article or I just copy the quotes or some beautiful wordings and make a bit of reflections out of them. I know it may not appear so authentic to reader but this is it, that's the way I'm improving my style of writing as to have some other piece of writings to guide me through. I'm just an ordinary people trying to gain some extraordinary stuff. I'll be great little by little insyaAllah.

However, surprisingly I managed to create my own original work by writing some poems (including those poetic ramblings =P) here in this little blog like: Domino Effect, Save Me, To My Dearie Ukhti and most recently is I Feel Like Crying (T_T). Take a look at them and do drop your encouraging comments thank you =)

As George Henry Lewes said: “Originality is independence, not rebellion; it is sincerity, not antagonism.” Really hope I can relay my sincere thoughts to all of you through writing insyaAllah. I believe that everyone has their own unique viewpoints, ways of conveying useful messages and expressing themselves. We don't have to have special talents to be such unique person, we just need to harness whatever we have in hand. So let's uncover our own uniqueness then, be an original! ^_^

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  1. good writing dear!!=) oh my, how dare that person 'scolded' u!!!shame on that person!!;P