Thursday, 10 June 2010

i feel like crying (T_T)

by h5@1530/100610

At times,
I feel like crying for no reason.
I don't even know why.
I feel like crying over small things.
I'm such a baby then.
I feel like crying but I can't.
As nothing comes out of my eyes.

But now,
I am having that kind of feeling:
"I feel like crying" (T_T)
The world seems so dark and unfriendly.
Loss of spark.

I feel like crying
when I remember the loss.
The inhumane massacre.
The despicable violence.
The cruel siege.
The vicious invasions.
The natural disasters.
All of them that shook our hearts.

I feel like crying
whenever I see the tears fall down
a victim's cheek
feel the fear
wish remains unfulfilled.
I think of my own fate.
I am saddened by the greed.
Leaders lack integrity.
Politicians abuse power.
Destroying people's trust.
I feel like crying even more...

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