Tuesday, 8 June 2010

domino effect

by h5@1500/080610

^_^ Smile is an act of love <3
Love keeps us alive.
To be alive is power.
Power gives more confidence.
Confidence chase away worry.
Worry leads to stress.
Stress may cause harm.
Harm doesn't do any good.
Good means of great quality.
Great quality entitles success.
Success is a journey.
A journey is definitely not a destination.
Destination is the purpose.
Purpose driven life.
Life is a challenge.
Challenge provides the opportunity for greatness.
Greatness is earned never awarded...
and everything will vanish in the hereafter
except for the Greatness of Allah!

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  1. nice one!!=)i like this!how i miss getting 'love' letters from u!!;)