Saturday, 18 September 2010

merdeka after effect

I remember when the journey back to our lovely home sweet home at kb gets a little bit boring; where there's no more radio signals, the CDs have been played over and over again, the road seems to be of the same view, we had enough food and sleep, we will then simply ask some silly questions to each other or make some kind of quiz trivia about anything under the sun, or even do some noises in the car. Obviously we're not allowed to shout or anything like it as this will only distract the driver (most of the time my brother and I being scolded because of this hohohh). So we will only produce those sweet melodies from any kinds of music genre. The most common song would be from Sudirman's "Ho..Ho..Ho..Balik Kampung!" and some raya songs as it was only a few days before the coming Eid. What I will always remember is when my brother and I sang some patriotic songs since we just celebrated our Malaysia's Independence Day few days ago. It started out just fine with the famous songs like Jalur Gemilang, Merdeka etc, we also reminisced our primary and secondary schools' songs. I even remember my kindergarten's song still! ^_^ However, surprisingly when my brother asked me to sing "Negaraku" I wasn't so sure when it came to the last part of the song, and he even makes me more hesitated. He acted like as if I'm wrong. He's truly of no help, so naughty of him! I admit it was my own flaws, I left my country for a year and haven't sang the national anthem for years. Oh my Negaraku!


  1. not remembering the negaraku song is so unacceptable ok!;P

  2. it's not that i don't remember it, the lyrics just a bit confusing and plus my bro was teasing me. hehehh mengelat.