Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Whenever I want to start DOING my homework, especially the part where I've to scan read, skimming and scanning the initial findings for projects or assignments, I can easily get distracted by the surroundings I don't know why. Even just now I wasn't actually read the materials that I'm supposed to read for my project but stuck with other websites for hours and another couple of hours tidying up my room over and over again. Am I too perfectionist or what? Ouch..this is the topic that I want to blog about. Quite sensitive for some and maybe not even been an issue to others.

Yep, sometimes I can be too choosy over small things like the scarf has to be of the same or matching colour of the clothes I'm wearing.
Yep, my clothes are folded nicely and sorted in the wardrobe according to its style.
Yes, I do arrange things accordingly (meaning the spoon must be in the spoon section while the fork in place with other forks and same goes to other things) if I have time even if there are lots of other things to do.
Yes, my lecture notes are filed orderly complete with date written/received.
Yeah, I tend to check every single word when I write.
Yeah, I obviously love the year planner/calendar to simply tick the important events.
Hurray to the finest artwork!
Hurray to the tidiest room/place/house ever! =)

Oh no, am I getting the syndrome of OCD? Is it serious? Somebody help me!! I don't want to be too unease and worry all the time over some petty things.
OK please stop this over-reaction dear me. I admit, all of the above won't happen if I'm so super duper lazy; u know well when all we can do is just sit back and relax and sleep for hours. So I assure myself that this is not OCD or anything alike (hopefully).

I remember there's this one wonderful friend of mine said that I AM a bit perfectionist. Yes, it's good to have some but not too much as it can only hinder me from doing something that is more important. True! Hence, I've to change my habit and do what's more crucial and urgent for example do the homework first before cleaning the whole house that will only take ages to finish then to start the actual work.

Alright now, there you go, let's do the project! Prioritise your workloads people!
ALL THE BEST TO ME! ^_^ u too!

~Miss Imperfect Perfectionista

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  1. suha, we are in the same boat. similar things happened to me over here. And they keep happening to me. Are we OCD? OH no i need to scream that out loud. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!