Friday, 24 September 2010

me & myself!

salam alaik..
afwan jiddan for not posting anything in this blog for quite some time. thank God i have my partner for this blog!=D jazakillahu khayran katheera to the max ukhti h5!!u'r the best!=) i think my life is getting a bit hectic at the moment. i have study group every week, need to be incharge on the speaker's tour event on the 6th &7th of oct under isoc and most importantly, my upcoming1st mcq on health & disease which is in 2 weeks time.oh no!!!T_T this mcq contributes 20% to my final paper which is a lot and i have yet to revise any of the lecture notes!@_@  ok2, gonna start studying now!

anyway, this post is merely to dedicate a song to my special ukhti h5!^_^ luv u loads my dear!hope u love the song!take care!see ye soon iA!cant wait!!=) <3<3<3

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