Sunday, 10 October 2010


a very interesting 'date' today! ^_^

and of course a lot of things happen around the world; mother gave birth to a child, someone's birthday, couples get married, somebody's great historical day etc. there are also some unfortunate events happen around. we hope for the best and always pray to Him ask for our own safety as well as others'. i had some events occurred on this particular day which are...

we just finished with our programme; the freshers' camp went smoothly alhamdulillah.

i felt so motivated after the talk, insyaAllah will improve myself always.

i've to carry out a new responsiblity starting today.

i'd made an important decision which will affect my life later on; may Allah help me and give me the strength to live life as it comes insyaAllah.

oh the 'best' part is...
i had a real deep cut that i cried a lot like a baby.
and i've still to work on for my presentation this coming tuesday, all the best to me!

and luckily for me...
i had planned for my weekend getaway to galway ~ wait for me ya catarina_ross! =)

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