Sunday, 31 October 2010

no word is worthy-sami yusuf

salam alaik..

it feels like ages since i last updated this blog. All along is only h5 taking care of it. gud job h5!=) u've been very kind! jazzakillah khayran katheera to the max ukhtee!

i've been very busy with stuff until i had no time to write anything in this blog. ohooo..soorrry! anyway, i would love to share this song will all of ye!juz letting ye know that he sings a bit of malay between 3.36-4.03minute. listen to this song and i'm sure ye'll love it as much as i do!^_^

btw, i have a big exam coming up this friday!oh nooo=S pliz do make dua for me!till nex time, take care everyone!

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  1. thanks to u too catarina, such a booster for me to keep on writing when i'm 'lonely'(though i really miss yours to be honest). it's ok, no worries..i know i'm so caring! =P