Sunday, 3 October 2010


One of the basic teachings and concepts in Buddhism and quite possibly the most well known is karma, whereby our actions or thoughts, be they positive or negative, have a direct effect on our lives and so negative thoughts can affect everyday things that we might not even consider.

Before we can help others, we have to help ourselves to be happy and mindful. To be happy, we have to be in charge of our own mind. We can see many young people all around the world today but they are not achieving their goal as yet. If one wants to be a lifeguard, he must learn how to swim and save other people because if he don't know that then he don't jump in the ocean or he will get drowned together. Hence, we ourselves must be physically and mentally strong enough to help others go through from their miserable life to the straight path. This may take years, simply said it is quite a tough job to do yet not impossible! Motivation is crucial because through it we become clear strong and positive so that we can help other people.

I would really love to see all the young people to live more meaningfully and become wiser and more thoughtful human beings. Engaging in everything that we think and say and do and if this happens everybody is going to benefit. If we follow the same old path there will be no future. For when we grow older who will look after us eventually? After all it is only a matter of time before all of us get old. We should respect our parents and learn to love them every single day. Also, never follow the path of greediness and don't try to cheat nor lie at the expense of other people. If we kick somebody, surely somebody is going to kick us too. We are the future generation, we are responsible for the environment, for each other, we are the future together we can change the world!

"Lots of people have greedy minds: the minute that we get what we want, we lose appreciation for be happy, you have to be in charge of your own mind."

(edited from the interview with Lama Rinpoche during his visit to Cardiff)

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