Saturday, 9 October 2010

Action, that's all we need!

What you do is more significant than what you say, as the saying goes 'action speaks louder than words' which literally means that our actions communicate faster and much clearer than our own words. If you want people to believe your words, you should "speak" with your actions. So please don't just tell me how to do things; show me!

Here's some motivating words to keep us going.

Trust your heart
believe in yourself
don't be afraid
to reach out
to something new.

Go ahead
get your hopes up
even if things turns out
so differently
than you have imagined.

You will have tried,
you will have learned,
you'll never have to live with regrets.

It seems to me
what wears us down
the most in life
aren't the chances we take
but the ones we don't take,
the dreams we put aside,
the adventure we push away.

So what ever you want in life
just go for it!
grab while you can!
and always remember
no matter what
just trust your heart.

God's blessing may come
as a surprise
and how much you receive
depends on how much
your heart can believe.

May you be blessed beyond what you expect.

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