Sunday, 7 November 2010

Are You Too Pushy?

Have you ever been accused of being bossy?
Find out here if you may have an authoritarian personality.

I came across with this interesting personality quiz and the result is as below:
Your quiz score makes you: Fair Boss
You possess an average degree of bossiness. You are neither a pushover nor a tyrant.

That's really great if I'm truly a fair boss! Cool! ^_^
Everyone would love to have me as their boss then (haha dream on it!).

When emotions run high, even the most democratic and well-meaning among us may, occasionally, insist that others see things our way. But if you know someone who acts like this consistently, you may be dealing with an authoritarian personality; one who likes to be the boss and take charge. Psychologists have labeled such people "F" types, because the original tests of authoritarianism were based on traits of fascist personalities.

Could you be that type of people and not realize it?
Take the following quiz to find out.

There are lots more of other personality quizzes if you would like to try just click this link:

Do take note that there's a difference between being pushy and persistent. Being persistent simply means being determined, enduring and unrelenting through the hard times while being pushy as we all know means stepping beyond acceptable boundaries.

Just 1 thing to ponder, be moderate! Since being pushy can be either good or bad, it really depends on how much 'pressure' you put on it. If you're pushing yourself or even others as in cultivating motivation to achieve something beneficial, then it would be awesome! But on the other hand, if you're pushing too hard, then it's definitely not advisable as you're putting too much pressure that might be unbearable for some people (even I would have run away from it). For instance we can see the classic way of the sellers trying to persuade the buyers to buy their products. It'll be very uncomfortable whenever we're in that kind of situation; being pushed too much and feel suffocated. Even we too can be pushy sometimes when it comes to the things that we really desire which will only affect our own feelings, emotions and relationships with others. Try putting yourself into other's shoes then you'll know. Thus, please be tolerant to others and don't be too pushy dear!

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