Monday, 22 November 2010

be strong ukhtee!

salam alaik my dear h5,

afwan jiddan for ignoring u lately. i have to discipline myself until final exam trying as much as possible to focus on my study! =( i'm sorry but i have to... but insha Allah u will always be in my dua! <3

ukhtee, make dua anytime anywhere for almost anything that u wish as Allah is Al-Mujib!=)

habibati,i pray that Allah swt will always guide u in everything u do. i pray that Allah swt will give u the best in this world & in the hereafter. i pray that Allah swt will give u understanding in the things that u learned in lectures and give u good memory!And i pray Allah swt will pass ur exams with flying colours! Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim, ease all of her difficulties!ameen ameen ameen ya rabbal alamin!^_^

la tahzan ukhtee!if u ever feel sad, Allah is always there for u! and me too. remember that i love u for the sake of Allah! wAllahee!=)

here's a good song from sami yusuf-make me strong!be strong h5!take care!

Sami Yusuf Make Me Strong ( with lyrics by from dakwahislami on Vimeo.

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  1. no worries dear. myb just another mood swings due to some hormonal changes which temporarily upset the brain chemistry. It will subside real soon as everything normalise insyaAllah.
    jazakillahu khayr for ur concern n love!
    all the best for u! ^_^
    hugsss n kissess!