Sunday, 21 November 2010

autumn in my heart

when you really want something
sometimes you have to swim a little deeper..
you can't simply give up
just because things don't come easy..
you have to overcome the obstacles
and bravely face your fears..
and in the end, it's all worth while!

as we all know
life is full of ups and downs..
but if you believe in yourself
you will always come through
with flying colours..

value friendship, love and faith..
never underestimate yourself dear..
and believe in yourself!
whatever they say
just keep swimming love..

have a good life insyaAllah!

p/s: i'm lacking of spark in my life currently just like the dried leaves lying low soaking on the ground..really need some 'special treatment' with the heart since everything seems to be wrong these days i don't know why (eg i didn't do my work properly and it's below expectation which affect others). just 1 thing for sure..when things become unbearable, turn to Allah! ^_^

la tahzan..

Ibn al-Jawzi said:
"Something was causing me a great deal of grief and distress, and I started to think long and hard about how to get out of this situation by any means, but I could not find any way out. then I came across this verse:

'...And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out [of every difficulty].' (65:2)

I realised that Taqwa (Piety, fearing Allah) is the way out of every kind of grief and distress. As soon as I followed the path of taqwa, I found the way out."

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