Sunday, 28 November 2010

happy snowy birthday!

Salam fi yaumul milad ukhti h5!^_^ or shall i say happy snowy birthday?hehe..=)
In this post i have pictures of cakes for u since i wont be able to make them due to our distance and they seem quite complicated for me and will definitely consume lots of time and so i suggest u just order them from Dapur Suri okeh!easy!hehe =P ooh btw for ur birthday present, i'm afraid u'll have to wait till dec and please do remind me to bring it during christmas holiday or else u might need to wait till summer!=P
 Enjoy the cakes!*wink*
a version of princess h5??oh no!=P

ur dream castle with future husband?=D

definitely not ur birthday cake!its gonna be ur wedding cake SOON?=P

aww..this one is a sweet &lovely birthday cake specially for u!=)

Now the rest of the pictures will be my duas for u =)

Ya Allah let her graduate with flying colours,
grant her a soleh husband,
with beautiful soleh & solehah kids =)

give her happiness in this world & in the hereafter,
and bless our ukhuwah till Jannah!
ameen ya Rabbal alamin..=)
hope u have a wonderful birthday this year!=)
u'r not just a year older but inshaAllah a year wiser!^_^
take care ya!

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  1. waaaaaaaaaa this post is so sweeeettt i can even taste the sweetness of it!! ^_^ thank u so much dearie. insyaAllah ameen. again tq for ur support n love n everything! =)